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5 Keys to Price Negotiation

Negotiating the purchase price of a business is a difficult process that needs careful planning, tactical abilities, and emotional intelligence. This post seeks to provide concrete tactics and insights for successfully negotiating a company purchase price. These ideas can help Read More

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4 Tips on the Psychology of Selling

Success in sales and marketing is more than simply having a great product or service; it is also about knowing the psychology of selling. 

Imagine being able to read your clients’ minds and knowing exactly what pushes them to spend Read More

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How to Choose the Best Broker to Sell Your Business

Using a business broker to sell your company is a vital decision that comes with both opportunity and possible obstacles.

Understanding the job of a business broker is critical in today’s complicated global business climate. Have you ever considered the Read More

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Who Pays Sales Tax When Selling a Business?

Who is responsible for paying sales tax when selling a business? Many people have been perplexed by this question, which has resulted in costly mistakes.

Dive deep into the maze of sales tax complexities, from tangible assets to intangible treasures, Read More

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5 Top Reasons Businesses Fail

Why most firms fail has baffled even the most bright brains in the entrepreneurial world. The threat of failure looms big as you traverse the stormy waters of the business world, frightening both young businesses and established titans. According to Read More