Collectively, our team of professional business brokers here at ABA has over 100 years of business experience. We have owned as well as sold our own small businesses. We have helped open as well as manage other peoples businesses. We have independently consulted dozens of companies and helped sell businesses at appropriate times. Our Illinois Business Brokers have acted in an advertising or marketing capacity for all types of business enterprises and specialize in traffic enhancing media exposure for many different purposes. As a result, we excel at working with business buyers and business sellers across many different industries including all kinds of food & beverage related businesses. Our Chicago business broker team has sold many bars, taverns, nightclubs, restaurants, fast food establishments, liquor stores, wholesalers, distributors, and also food or beverage manufacturing. In addition, the business brokers at ABA have sold various companies in other forms of manufacturing including metal, plastic, wood, rubber, fabric, and apparel.

Our large company and small business brokers in Chicago, Illinois have conducted many other successful business sales in a variety of industries including B2B service, B2C service, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, transportation, logistics, warehousing, storage, printing, medical equipment, medical services, family amusement, industrial cleaning, equipment rebuilding, energy technologies, auto reconditioning, car wash facilities, and many other mid-market companies as well as Main Street businesses. We will help you as a buyer or as a seller to analyze each “business for sale” scenario and help you determine the best course of action for that specific business opportunity.

In this ever-changing economy and with the heightened entrepreneurial spirit of the last few years, our ability to introduce a qualified business buyer to a willing business seller, is suddenly even more important than it has ever been before.

Our network of expertise also spans out across other professions in the “business for sale” arena. As Chicago Business Brokers, our firm has developed many professional relationships that you can turn to for direction under any circumstance. Please review our list of referrals for your needs in other professional areas relative to business sales or planning.

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Dennis Hansmann, Illinois Business brokerDennis Hansmann, Chicago Business Broker

Dennis Hansmann is an Illinois Licensed Business Broker and also an Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker.

Dennis Hansmann has been an entrepreneur his entire life. He understands the challenges of starting a business first hand and certainly appreciates the great benefits that present themselves in buying an existing business. Even more importantly, Dennis understands the great privilege it is for individuals to own their own company and the great responsibility that goes along with it. After all, the vast majority of people who earn an honest living do not have the luxury of working for themselves in their own business. Dennis on the other hand, has mostly worked within his own business entities and in doing so has developed an ability to understand the specific needs of each client that is selling a business or is buying a business. His strong entrepreneurial spirit has evolved over almost four decades, starting well before he was even ten years of age. Even as a youngster, Dennis understood that a successful business must consist of mutually beneficial relationships that are more about the people we help than they are about the ladders of success in which each of us climbs.

From the beginning, Dennis focused on selling intangible services and he always defined success based on bringing quality “results oriented” service to his wide ranging customer base. In his preteen years, he excelled by devoting his time/energy to achieving success by building birdhouses for neighbors. Then, during junior high school, he excelled at selling magazine subscriptions to raise money for school projects. During this same period, Dennis became well known in the neighborhood where he grew up as he was the neighborhood “go-to guy” for lawn care services, shoveling snow, cleaning out garages or attics, organizing basements and providing baby sitting services. So, before the age 15, Dennis had already achieved relative success, but more importantly achieved an understanding of building relationships within the community that surrounded him.

Starting in the early 1990’s, Dennis began in earnest to build several companies that would provide services in such a way that would clearly differentiate him from his competition. Dennis proceeded to build his own rep firm, his own ad agency, a media solutions network, a consulting firm and a home monitoring business. Dennis got the attention of several major publishing companies and entered into several consecutive annual contracts to represent various marketing/advertising platforms. Companies like Thomas Register of American Manufacturers in Manhattan and New Orient Media both worked closely with Dennis for several years to implement various advertising and marketing programs for major corporations all over the country. As a result, Dennis was awarded multiple awards in the highest achievement category and all while also running other firms of his own where he focused on listening closely to his clients and delivering much more than they expected.

Dennis formed a “Main Street to Mid-Market” business brokerage that he named American Business Acquisitions. In his mind, the need for a results oriented full service business brokerage of this kind was obvious and especially after Dennis attempted himself to purchase a couple businesses in the Chicago area as well as around the country. Today, Dennis and his team of highly qualified business brokers and intermediaries in Chicago work very closely with clients to ensure successful results are the only option. American Business Acquisitions gets results based on that same quality “results oriented” strategy that started so long ago.