Client Letters of Appreciation after the close on their Business Sale

Selling a Business Success Story from Mark Falanga, previous Managing Member of Andersonville Galleria, LLC

We reached out to Dennis Hansmann, President of American Business Acquisitions, to broker the sale of our ten-year-old retail business, The Andersonville Galleria. From the onset, we were impressed with what Dennis brought to the table. He established a comprehensive marketing campaign to reach prospective buyers that were qualified and able to close on the purchase of our business. Dennis had a targeted approach and identified a very strong buyer in a short period of time. Through the due diligence process, Dennis was extremely engaged and offered sound advice during all of the document and information requests, tours, meetings and calls. Dennis earned his commission on our transaction. I seriously doubt that we would have sold our business for as much, to such a well-qualified and capable buyer, and in such a short time frame, had we not been working with Dennis. His approach was measured, thoughtful and targeted. Throughout the entire process, Dennis conducted himself with the highest level of integrity and remained calm from start to finish.

Mark Falanga
Managing Member
Andersonville Galleria, LLC

Selling a Business Success Story from Mark Wodka, previous owner of ATICO

American Business Acquisitions

Attn.: Dennis Hansmann

Just a brief word of thanks for the excellent job you did in selling our specialty contracting business. Because of worsening health reasons, I was forced to sell my livelihood, and had attempted to do so years earlier with another broker, when a buyer simply got cold feet and took an opportunity to go back to a previously eliminated job. I was not only able to see the whole process performed by another broker, with various potential buyers, I then spent time in evaluating potential business brokers before heading down the path again. I must tell you that with this experience, I was impressed with the efforts you and ABA took in making the sale happen, and have already recommended American Business Acquisitions to others considering selling their businesses. As a result, you made things happen for both the seller and buyer, both of which are now enjoying the results, as are our employees and customers.

Mark Wodka
Previous owner, ATICO

Selling a Business Success Story from Ann

To Whom it May Concern

Several years ago, although I was a busy physician in my 30s, I opened a Day Spa in my neighborhood as somewhat of a hobby. The Spa flourished for several years and grew dear to my heart. However, in my 40’s, my medical practice grew busier than ever and I now had 2 children, one and two years old. The Spa simply became too much for me to run. I considered closing the doors at the end of my lease, however, then I met Dennis Hansmann of American Business Acquisitions. With only 6 months left on the lease, Dennis suggested I try to sell the business. The economy was terrible at the time so I had my doubts but within weeks Dennis began showing the Spa to several prospective buyers.

One buyer was particulary interested however wanted full inpections done by the Health, Fire, and City, and any deficiencies corrected before he would close any deal. There was no way I could possibly find the time to get all of this done myself. I reconsidered simply closing the doors at the end of the lease. However, Dennis assured me that he would personally get the inspections done and see to it that any deficiencies were taken care of. Within 2 weeks, everything was done, thanks to Dennis spending hours of his personal time at the Spa. The sale was completed the following week.

I feel great every time I drive by the Day Spa, knowing I started the business and that it will live on in good hands. Thanks so much to Dennis.


Selling a Business Success Story from Maureen Rimer, Neuty’s Restaurant


I want to extend a sincere thank you for an outstanding job selling our business and real estate in such a short time. Our efforts with previous agents were exhausing but your approach on partnership with your clients is different. Your philosophy of working together to achieve our goal was enlightening. Our property and business was unique in many ways yet your constant enthusiasm and variety of marketing strategies helped us reach out to the right type of prospects in the industry. The screening and prequalification of applicants saved us time and more importantly, kept all our information confidential. I appreciate your strong desire to get the job done efficiently and effectively in just a few months. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of an oustanding Business Broker.

Thanks again for a job well done!

Marueen Rimer
Neuty’s Restaurant
Wee Willy’s Inc.

Selling a Business Success Story from Robert A. Meyers, Paradise Entertainment Corporation

Dear Dennis,

Our business is doing very well and it has been several months now since we closed on the purchase. I wanted to thank you for sticking with us throughout the purchase process and helping make it possible for us to realize the ownership of our own business. While you were technically hired by the sellers, you also worked very well with us and our attorney in helping us prepare so that we would have everything in place in order to assume the responsibilities of day to day operations. We appreciate your honesty and willingness to be very proactive in helping to clear up any loose ends. Also, thanks for helping to negotiate the price and coordinating the purchase process.

Please stop by Bar One and visit us anytime. I hope that we will be looking to purchase a new business in the near future and we will turn to you when that time comes.

Thanks again!
Paradise Entertainment Corporation
Robert A. Meyers, President

Selling a Business Success Story from Steve Nelson, The Jailhouse Restaurant and Bar


I have not talked to you for quite a while now, but I finally am getting around to writing you a little note of thanks. You spent a good amount of time driving way out away from Chicago and even taking the train in order to attend the various meetings you set up with the landlord, the buyers and me. My situation as a seller was not perfect from the get go, but you made a big effort at coming up with solutions in order to make it work best for the buyers and myself. I appreciated your matching up multiple buyers in order to create a team that could come together and buy my restaurant. These buyers did not even know each other and with your input they were ready to join forces in order to have their own business.

In addition to the individual buyers, you also had a very impressive corporate buyer who sent both managing partners to meet with us and visit my business. These guys were not just anybody off the street, but they are real high volume operators. They are very qualified in every way to buy almost any business and they came to see mine because of you.

I sincerely appreciate all of your work on our behalf. I hope to team up with you again or to at least refer you to anybody I know who wants a straight shooter on their side.

The Jailhouse Restaurant and Bar
Steve Nelson

Selling a Business Success Story from Dennis Miller, Avenue Ale House

Hey Dennis,

Well, it has been a couple of months since we bought Avenue Ale House and things really could not be any better. I must admit, we were a little nervous that once we took over we would find some skeletons in the closet. In fact, it has been just the opposite. Everything you told us turned out to be true. The numbers have actually been better than expected.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a reference, we would have no problem telling somebody about our experience with you and your company. Also, let us know if you come across any other great opportunities. We would want to be within 20 miles or so of Oak Park. Take Care.

Dennis Miller
Avenue Ale House
825 South Oak Park Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60304

Selling a Business Success Story from Brandon Tao, E-Touch’s Liquor Store

Dear Dennis,

As you know, we recently purchased Cheers of Arlington Heights. My wife and I wanted to send you a quick thank you. This was our first time buying a business and we appreciate the way you helped walk us through the whole process. We would be happy to recommend your company to any of our friends and family who wish to buy or sell a business. Best wishes to you guys.

Thank you again,
Brandon Tao
E-Touch’s Liquor Store, Inc. D.B.A. Cheers

Selling a Business Success Story from Michael Pace, Avenue Ale House and Rooftop Cafe


Hey guys. I know I said it at the closing but I just wanted to thank you again for everything. Things could not have gone any smoother. I just finished up the training period with the new owners and everybody is happy. Out of all the buyers you brought by, these guys were definitely the perfect fit. Surprisingly, with all the buyers coming in and out of my place, it is amazing that none of my employees or customers found out I was selling the restaurant.

I am out of town til the 29th. Call me so we can talk about either selling the other location or finding me a partner.

Talk to you soon,
Michael Pace
Avenue Ale House & Roof Top Cafe
825 South Oak Park Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60304

Selling a Business Success Story from Mary and Mike Pegahi

Dear Dennis,

Mike and I would like to express our gratitude, and thank you for a job well done. As you may recall, prior to retaining your services, we had another broker working for us. Although he was successful in the real estate market, he was unable to provide us with any prospective buyers in all the time he worked for us.

Selling a restaurant is always a challenge, but you were persistent. We also appreciate the fact that you maintained confidentiality, as that was important to us. Although the prospects may have been few, when you did bring us an interested buyer, they were well screened and qualified prior to meeting with us, and before any confidential information was to be released.

It was a pleasure to work with you, and we’ll keep you in mind if we should ever be in need. We would certainly recommend you to anyone interested in selling, or for that matter, purchasing a business.

Mary and Mike Pegahi

Selling a Business Success Story from Anthony Fagiano, Anthony’s Famous Red Hots

Dear everybody at ABA:

I want to commend you for your great service and for finding a buyer for our fast food restaurant. You were always very prompt in returning our calls and keeping us updated. Your strategy proved very successful in finding a qualified buyer. Now that you helped us find that buyer, we can move on to other business ventures. We appreciate all of your hard work and please send us some of your business cards so that we can forward them to others who might need your expertise or help in selling their business.

Anthony’s Famous Red Hots
Anthony Fagiano

Selling a Business Success Story from Dennis R. Radcliffe, Radcliffe’s New Concepts, Inc.

Dear Dennis:

This correspondence is for the purpose of thanking you for selling my Sports Bar and Restaurant in a very timely and professional manner. Closing the business with the new Owners in one hundred twenty days was exceptionally quick. I would recommend American Business Acquisitions, Inc. to potential sellers any time.

Your help in the matter was greatly appreciated.

Dennis R. Radcliff. President.

Selling a Business Success Story from Gisele E. Ward-Laura, Cafe Le Loup


I want to thank both of you for exceeding my expectations regarding the sale of my business “Cafe Le Loup” and the adjoining real estate. Although you both told me you felt confident we could wrap things up in a short period of time, I was sure it would take longer than it did. I will certainly refer your company to other business owners who wish to sell their business or property. Thanks again for all your help and for finding a buyer so quickly.

Yours Truly,
Gisele E. Ward-Laura

Selling a Business Success Story from Hector N. Rodriguez, General Locks, Inc.

Dennis & everybody at ABA,

I’m sending you a letter to express my appreciation for your quick service in selling General Locks, Inc. Your company specializes in selling businesses and you did exactly what you said you would do. We had qualified buyers looking at our business within the first week or so after we committed to a sale price and finalized the Confidential Business Profile, which was on July 16, 2003. The experience was very effective and efficient. We can now move on and focus on our future and perhaps one day our paths will cross again.

Thanks for all your help and expertise.

Hector N. Rodriguez