June 7, 2023

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June 7, 2023

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American Business Acquisitions helps you buy a business or sell a business in Chicago

Sell A Business

American Business Acquisitions is the premier Chicago Business Brokerage and intermediary for industries spanning from Main Street businesses to mid-market M&A transactions. ABA specializes in confidential business sales that include selling companies of all sizes across various sectors in the State of Illinois. ABA also  provides business advisory services in one or multiple capacities to fellow entrepreneurs.

Buy A Business

American Business Acquisitions is your premier Chicago business brokerage specializing in the facilitation of buying a business, including corporate acquisitions or mergers from Main Street to mid-market M&A. ABA conducts buyer retained industry focused acquisition processes designed to identify and initiate a unified business seller and business buyer transition of ownership in a completely confidential manner.

Businesses For Sale

Please see our businesses for sale in Chicago and greater Illinois. Select listings might not appear on our Businesses For Sale page if we began conducting negotiations with previously identified buyers before the completion of our profile. This can be the case given our active database of potential buyers. Please register on the Buy A Business page above to receive notifications. Feel free to call or schedule a meeting below.

Business Sale Consultation

QUALITY equals CONFIDENCE at ABA. We are here to achieve win-win outcomes by conducting efficient business transactions. Please contact us with general questions on selling a business, developing an exit strategy, aspects of a business value analysis, a free “sell my business” consultation, the business buying process, implementing a buyer retained industry-focused search, or for an initial introduction.


American Business Acquisitions in Chicago, IL

American Business Acquisitions helps you buy a business or sell a business in Chicago and across the State of Illinois. Our Chicago Business Broker team is happy to confidentially discuss all details involved in selling your business and the entire business acquisition or merger process.

Sell Your Business

Selling a business is the celebration of a fulfilling and successful life journey. Buying a business is the real beginning of a new life journey, and the reality of a dream come true. At American Business Acquisitions in Chicago, IL, we recognize the importance of both. Our job here at ABA is to introduce a high-quality business for sale opportunity to a qualified and experienced buyer or buyer group. The joining of these parties brings the beginning of a new kind of American Dream for the seller and buyer. We would love to help you realize your dream of selling a business that has been your labor of love or in buying a business or company that has been your highest aspiration. Our Chicago business listing expertise and quality business selling services are what gives you confidence in our results.

Sell a business in Illinois
Buy a business in Chicago 

Buy A Business

Through our experience with those buying a business in almost any industry, we have found that most buyers are focused on being able to justify the sale price of a given business for sale. The issue comes down to the perceived market value as it relates to the sale price. Buyers are analyzing the business for sale’s cash flow and their return on investment to justify the purchase price. Therefore, potential buyers are seeking to buy a business that has done their homework. Buyers are seeking businesses for sale that have already had a third party business analysis performed that clearly illustrates the value of the business. The buyer is often required to inject hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions and needs to know why this business purchase makes sense. Performing business analysis and then presenting genuine business opportunities is what our Chicago business valuation estimates team does as an extension of our business broker services to help our buyer clients perform their due diligence.

It was a pleasure to work with you, and we’ll keep you in mind if we should ever be in need. We would certainly recommend you to anyone interested in selling, or for that matter, purchasing a business.

Mary and Mike Pegahi

About Us

American Business Acquisitions has a number of highly qualified business brokers in Chicago with varied business backgrounds and skillsets. Our experienced Chicago business valuation estimates team are also business owners. They have sold many of their business entities using the same process used when representing client businesses for sale.

American Business Acquisitions is a leading professional Chicago business broker, also serving the greater Chicago Metro Counties, including Cook County as well as DuPage, Lake, Kane, McHenry, Will, and the broader State of Illinois counties and local communities.

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Please contact us with general questions on how we help sell businesses or companies, assist with exit strategies, produce value analysis or an estimate of value, conduct the business buying process, implement a buyer retained industry-focused search, or to schedule, a free “sell my business” consultation or an initial introduction.

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