March 31, 2020

5:11 am


March 31, 2020

5:11 am


Chicago Business Brokers

American Business Acquisitions can help you buy a business or sell a business in Chicago

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American Business Acquisitions, the premier Chicago Business Brokers, specializes in selling viable businesses in Illinois of all kinds.

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American Business Acquisitions is your premier Chicago business brokers specializing in the process of buying a business.

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Check out our businesses for sale listings in the Chicago or Greater Illinois area.

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QUALITY equals CONFIDENCE at American Business Acquisitions, Inc., Contact us today to discuss selling a business, buying a business, developing an exit strategy, business valuation or to find a business for sale!


American Business Acqusitions

As business brokers in Chicago, American Business Acquisitions can help you buy a business or sell a business in Chicago as well as in the greater Chicago metropolitan communities and suburbs of Illinois. Each of our Chicago Business Broker team members will be happy to discuss all details of the process to sell a business or buy a business.

Sell Your Business

Selling a business is the celebration of a fulfilling and successful life journey. Buying a business is the true beginning of a new life journey and the reality of a dream come true. At American Business Acquisitions we recognize the importance of both, as our job here at ABA is to introduce a high quality business for sale opportunity to a qualified and experienced buyer or buyer group. The joining of these parties brings the beginning of a new kind of American Dream for each of them. We would love the opportunity to help you realize your dream in selling a business that has been your labor of love or in buying a business that has been your greatest aspiration. Our quality service is what gives you confidence in our results.

Sell a business in Illinois
Buy a business in Chicago 

Buy A Business

Through our experience with those buying a business, we have found that most are focused on being able to justify the sale price of a business for sale. The issue comes down to market value as it relates to the sale price. Buyers are analyzing the business for sale’s cash flow and their return on investment in order to justify the purchase price. Therefore, potential buyers are seeking to buy a business that has done their homework. Buyers are seeking businesses for sale that have already had a 3rd party business analysis performed in order to clearly illustrate the value of the business. The buyer is often required to inject hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions and needs to know why this business purchase makes sense. Performing business analysis and then presenting genuine business opportunities is what our Chicago business broker team does every day in order to help our buyer clients perform their due diligence.

It was a pleasure to work with you, and we’ll keep you in mind if we should ever be in need. We would certainly recommend you to anyone interested in selling, or for that matter, purchasing a business.

Mary and Mike Pegahi

About Us

American Business Acquisitions has a number of highly qualified business brokers in Chicago that have varied backgrounds in business. We have owned as well as sold our own businesses.

We have helped open as well as manage other people’s businesses. ABA is a leading professional Chicago business broker, also serving the Northern Chicagoland suburbs.

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