Business Buyer Information

American Business Acquisitions is your premier Chicago business broker team specializing in the process of selling a business as well as buying a business in Chicago, Illinois. Each of our Chicago business brokers understands that ABA sets the standard in terms of client confidentiality. Our business brokers enjoy building a very consultative relationship with each of our business buyer and business seller clients. All information provided to our Chicago business broker team by a potential business buyer will be held in strict confidence and used to help determine the type of business as well as the appropriate size transaction that meets their requirements. All information is handled in a very confidential manner throughout the entire purchase process.

From Your Perspective as a Buyer

Through our experience with buyers, we have found that most are focused on being able to justify the sale price. The issue comes down to market value as it relates to the sale price. Buyers are analyzing the business cash flow and their return on investment in order to justify the purchase price. Therefore, potential buyers are seeking to buy a business that has done their homework. Buyers are seeking businesses for sale that have already had a 3rd party business analysis performed in order to clearly illustrate the value of the business. The buyer is often required to inject hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions and needs to know why this business purchase makes sense. Performing business analysis and then presenting genuine business opportunities is what our Chicago business broker team does every day in order to help our buyer clients perform their due diligence.

As an example:

You want to buy a manufacturing company that is for sale in Chicago, Illinois. ABA helps you buy a business in Chicago by representing you as a qualified buyer and then introducing you to this or some other genuine business opportunity. Ideally, ABA will have the opportunity to help you buy a manufacturing company at the height of its success and when it is most profitable. Our associates will analyze all business opportunities that we encounter in order to determine how viable and profitable each specific business is. In some cases, one of our Chicago business brokers may be representing the seller and so we will have already done an analysis of the business. Only after we have determined a range of value are we then able to recommend or negotiate a business purchase. In analyzing each business, we prepare an estimate of value. Preparing estimates of value and concluding a business purchase it what we do best and we are here to do our best for you.

Working Together

ABA works hand in hand with business buyers as well as business sellers in locating or preparing a business for sale. We are business intermediaries and work well in coordinating business transactions among all parties involved. When directly representing a buyer that wants to locate a business for sale, our Chicago business broker team will target a specific business type that fulfills a buyer’s requirement. We make very confidential but direct contact and initiate conversation as to the status of an existing business of interest to our client. A variety of networking avenues come into play along with our internal databases of past and present transactions that American Business Acquisitions has helped succeed. No stone is left unturned in our efforts of matching a business seller with a business buyer in order to create a win – win situation.

Business Profiles

As part of the process for buying a business in Chicago, Illinois we will ask a potential business buyer to register with our company. During the registration process we find out a little about each potential business buyer, if they are an individual or corporation, the areas of interest, and other information that allows us to paint a basic picture of how we can help. We can then begin to develop a buyers General Business Profile which summarizes the types of business a given buyer is interest in. These are businesses that generally meet an area of expertise, background, or current interest. We maintain contact and forward updates until we have a match with a given buyers criteria.

Once we find a business for sale that matches a buyer’s criteria, we can then provide them with more detailed information. If ABA is the business broker that represents the business also, we can immediately provide you with a Confidential Business Profile. This profile clearly explains each specific business in great detail. If ABA does not represent the business or it is a business that was not actively for sale, then we will have to initiate contact and help gather all pertinent information. We will determine the details as to what kind of business it is, where it is, how it operates, its history of operation, its operating and financial projections, its assets, all things included in the sale, and also information relative to competition. At this time we consult and work with each party involved in buying the business in order to evaluate the business at hand. We then coordinate the entire purchase process.

Planning and Financial Tools

There are a number of planning and financial tools available to help you with the process of buying a business and selling a business.

Please see our referral page for professional services that may be needed as you undertake this process of buying a business. Our referral page contains various professionals who are all skilled in working closely with business buyers in navigating all aspects that present themselves as matter of course during a typical business transaction. Please feel free to interview any of the people listed on our referral page. Please call or email us with any questions.

American Business Acquisitions, the premier Chicago Business Brokerage, specializes in helping buyers buy a business and helping sellers sell viable businesses of all kinds. Each of our Chicago Business Broker team members will be happy to discuss all details of the buying a business process. Our business broker team will help you buy a business in Chicago or the greater Chicago metropolitan communities of Illinois.