American Business Acquisitions focuses on selling viable business opportunities in a wide variety of industries. ABA also represents the “real property” or real estate that is often a part of selling a business. The companies or clients ABA represents typically have any number of things in common. Often times the business or company has been operating for many years or even decades. The owner may be 2nd or 3rd or even 4th generation. In many cases the owners are very active in the business and in other cases the owners are absentee with a general manager or plant manager running business operations. No matter how the company is managed, the key is to gather all the information possible & analyze the structure of the company in order to get the highest possible business valuation when we present your business for sale to our buyers & buyer groups.

ABA has had great success representing businesses for sale and helping sellers gather the appropriate details for selling a business. ABA then prepares a professional Confidential Business Profile to illustrate all details to qualified buyers. ABA works closely with the sellers of each business to ensure an accurate business valuation and has had great success in the following industries:

Manufacturing of all kinds including:

  1. Food & Beverage manufacturing
  2. Highly engineered products manufacturing
  3. Metals manufacturing
  4. Plastics manufacturing
  5. Wood Working & Cabinet manufacturing
  6. Rubber & rubber products manufacturing
  7. Medical related manufacturing
  8. High end machining operations
  9. Printing or Lithographers
  10. Publishing Companies

Distribution of all kinds including:

  1. Retail or Wholesale distribution
  2. Food & Beverage distributors
  3. Distributors of manufactured products of all kinds
  4. Distributors of home improvement & construction equipment
  5. Distributors of household or personal care products

Food & Beverage Retail establishments of all kinds including:

  1. Breweries, Distillers, Wineries
  2. Brew Pubs, Sports Bars, Taverns, Neighborhood Bars
  3. Night Clubs, Lounges, Dance Halls
  4. Restaurants& Banquet Halls
  5. Cafes & Coffee Shops
  6. Fast Food, Pizza Cary out & Delivery, Franchises
  7. Grocery & Convenient Stores
  8. Liquor Stores & Wine Shops
  9. Food & Beverage Manufacturing & Distribution

Family Amusement & Fitness businesses or companies including:

  1. Golf Courses
  2. Bowling Alleys
  3. Billiard halls
  4. Amusement Centers or Parks
  5. Arcade & Theme businesses
  6. Adult Entertainment &Adult Arcades
  7. Fitness Centers or Sports Complexes
  8. Water Parks & Camp Grounds
  9. Movie Theaters or Live Theatres

Dealerships & Auto related business including:

  1. Motorcycle, Boat, RV, Auto, Truck dealerships
  2. Auto Parts stores
  3. Car Washes & Detailing businesses
  4. Gas Stations & C Stores
  5. Auto Body Shops
  6. Auto After Market businesses
  7. Auto sound system installation

Transportation & Storage related businesses including:

  1. Logistics & Warehousing
  2. Storage Facilities
  3. Trucking & Freight Lines
  4. Moving Companies

Service related businesses including:

  1. Medical Services (in home or other)
  2. Medical Spas & Massage Spas
  3. Hair & Nail Salons/Spas
  4. Nursing & Respiratory Therapy
  5. Dental Practices
  6. Staffing Agencies
  7. Hotels, Motels, Inns, Bed & Breakfasts
  8. Funeral Homes

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