American Business Acquisitions has a number of highly qualified business brokers in Chicago that have varied backgrounds in business. We have owned as well as sold our own small businesses. We have helped open as well as manage other people’s businesses. We have independently consulted dozens of companies and then sold them at the appropriate time. We have acted in an advertising or marketing capacity for all types of business enterprises and have focused in on traffic enhancing media exposure for many different purposes. The ABA business brokers primarily specialize in the selling of business entities that often also include real estate. Whether you are selling a business or buying a business, we are here to work with you for a successful conclusion.

Our Chicago Business Broker team can provide the following services:

  • Representing business sellers as their business broker intermediary
  • Representing business buyers as their business broker intermediary
  • Educating as to the process of selling a business
  • Educating as to the process of buying a business
  • Helping to understand the Psychology of buying a business or selling a business
  • Business analysis of the entire business operations
  • Development of a Business Valuation
  • Development of a Confidential Business Profile for the business
  • Advising as buying a business, selling a business, and mergers & acquisitions
  • Coordinating the entire sale, purchase, and funding process
  • Refer funding sources for the business and real estate loans
  • Refer funding sources for operating capital, receivables, inventory, or capital equipment
  • Refer tax strategists for business buyers and business sellers
  • Refer financial planning and wealth strategists for business buyers and business sellers
  • Refer legal counsel to handle legal documents for business buyers and business sellers
  • Business operations consulting
  • Delivering honest, effective, respectful, and timely service

The relationship between our business brokers and a client typically begins with an initial phone consultation. During that conversation we take notes and enter information into our database so as to have a place of reference. Our second contact is often in-person and where we discuss what a client can expect during the business transaction process. Usually, by the second contact or shortly after, we mutually agree to work together on a successful business transaction. When we agree to work with a client it is because we feel very strongly that we will succeed in our intended out-come, as our success rate is extremely high. This is why we look forward to helping clients determine the highest value for their business and then why we provide them with the methodical analysis as to what that value is. Helping profitable businesses find a qualified buyer is what excites our Chicago Business Broker team.

When we do form an agreement with a new client, or team of business brokers here in Chicago begins working in harmony with the client to buy, sell, or merge their business venture. A great deal of trust is developed between the parties and a transactional strategy is set in place. It is important to work well together and in a cohesive way as we will be working together for hours, days, weeks, or possibly months. If we establish a rapport and all parties approach the process in cooperative way, it will ensure a smooth and extremely pleasant experience for all parties involved.

We look forward to consulting with you and learning about your specific business opportunity or your business interests. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have about buying a business or selling your business here at American Business Acquisitions, Inc.

Planning and Financial Tools:

There are a number of planning and financial tools available to help you with the process of buying a business or selling a business.