Price: $6,250,000

Location: Midwest

Industry: Retail

Listing ID: 1J241

This business is very hot and extremely popular with those who seek these life-long-lasting outdoorsman products of this specific type. This is a great expansion opportunity for a very successful business owner in this same historic industry to get a foothold in a new geographic location and capture a buyer market that is very seasoned and loyal to this business.

The best buyer for this business is going to be a buyer or buyer group with significant financial resources. It likely requires available capital, at least in the low millions, in order to purchase this business. This is a $6.25 million transaction and will require significant available capital injection, even if a loan were to be obtained for a portion of the purchase price. This business also has a huge amount of inventory valued at $2.7 million that will likely not be able to be financed in part or at all in some cases using loans such as standard SBA business loans as they do not typically go as high as this purchase price and these loans will not likely cover most or all of the inventory.

This business is a prominent fixture in its specialized outdoor sports-related retail industry. It boasts a rich history and a commitment to excellence for enthusiasts and the outdoor sports-minded alike. The sale includes a very large sellable and sought-after inventory of high value, plus all FF&E, one 6800 sq ft building, and all cash flow, etc.

The physical retail store experience is unmatched. The owner/seller devoted substantial energy and resources to equipping the business with custom-built display racks of various types and sizes that are all highly precise and well crafted. The unique features of the location enhance the buying experience, and these details tend to keep customers in the store far longer than a generic store would. This attention to craftsmanship far exceeds even the most interesting retail environments.

This company embraces technology to enhance the customer experience. An online presence, user-friendly website, and social media engagement contribute to the store’s accessibility. Customers can explore product catalogs, check availability, and stay updated on events and promotions through digital channels.

With a comprehensive inventory selection, a growing customer base, and a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer support, this business presents an enticing investment opportunity. Its established reputation and track record within the industry, coupled with a strong customer base and relationships, underscore its potential for continued success and growth in the outdoor sports-related outdoorsman market.

Unique features and advantages:

Lower price point on 75% of SKUs. Highly skilled and knowledgeable staff with above-average pay. Customization capability, which is a rare onsite value-add. Established reputation and track record within the industry. Many years of success. Hundreds of Google reviews with a great rating. Approaching 20,000 organic email subscribers plus a similar amount of Facebook subscribers. High customer satisfaction and positive feedback. Profitable business operations with ownership flexibility.

* Some real estate is included in the sale along with all furniture, fixtures, equipment, and a huge amount of sellable inventory with a very high value.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $8,972,780

SDE: $860,464

Cash Flow: $860,464

FFE: $252,000 (Included in Price)

Inventory: $2,700,000 (Included in Price)

Real Estate: $500,000 (Included in Price)

Reason For Sale:

The seller has other interests in a dfferent focus of study and business now that he has built this business to a very successful level.

Training & Support:

As much as needed and as agreed during the purchase process. This business has knowledgeable employees in place to allow for absentee ownership.


Year Established: 2010


Square Footage: 6800 owned and 18,000 total available.



This business is unique and will be around for many decades to come. This industry has existed for a very long time and is a primary area of interest for various consumers in various capacities.

Potential Growth:

This business has proven that it can start from scratch, build, and then expand beyond its prior reach.