Price: $339,500

Location: Chicago

This is an existing profitable franchise business that has been in operation for over 25 years and has the support of an award winning franchise organization that has thrived for over four decades. This type of franchise can grow into the millions in annual revenue size so the sky is the limit in terms of growth opportunity. The franchisor itself provides designated support for each franchisee through the organization and makes it easy to interact, received business advice, get on-going support, develop growth strategies, etc… This is an existing and fully operational as well as digitally advanced business model.

This franchise business operates out of a modern space within a newer mix-use building right in the heart of one of Chicago’s most sought after neighborhoods. The owner has implemented top-notch printing and marketing technologies including advanced software to enhance efficiency in operating the business from the design stage to point of purchase. No job is too big or too small. Plenty of capacity exists within the current business structure to double or triple sales volume as well as having the physical space available to accommodate growth in revenue as well as in staff. This is a unique model that has set the standard in its industry for decades. The Gross Sales has increased each of the last three years unlike many other small business models. Very strong cash flow and low labor costs.

This business is perfect for an entrepreneurial-minded individual as a single business or as an add-on business to an existing company. Almost anybody can be trained to manage this business, as the current owner is willing to provide training and also consult after the sale. A person with an even modest background in any number of areas would do well in this business as it touches retail customer service, graphic design, layout, marketing, advertising, sales, business development, business relations, project planning, etc… A great fit could also be a former pressman, individuals with a mechanical background or people with paper stock or signage experience.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $357,621

Cash Flow: $145,000

FFE: $50,000


Days & Hours of Operation: M-F 8:30AM-5:30PM


Monthly Rent: 2,350

Facilities Information:

CAM & Property Tax Contribution (approx): $1,160.00