Price: $1,500,000

Location: Chicago, IL


This futures trading brokerage firm is located in Chicago. The firm operates out of a prestigious location and is dedicated to serving a wide variety of clients from individuals to institutional clients with a primary purpose to provide its clients with the tools, resources, and experience that they deserve from a high quality brokerage.

Purchaser will acquire all assets in place to operate this business including all proprietary practices and software, business development strategies, marketing plans, client lists, business relationships, business equipment, office furniture, office fixtures owned by the business, and all other assets of the business entity. 


This firm specializes in the customization of brokerage services by offering a number of basic levels of service tailored to meet each client’s trading needs. The levels of service range from the ability to assist the self-directed trader who likes to work independently and wants to take advantage of a diverse product platform to a more comprehensive level of service for clients who prefer the help of a professional. There are additional options such as managed futures for the client looking for portfolio diversification and/or commodity exposure and desire the help of a professional money manager with an established track record.

This firm also appeals to the professional as they provide the needed platform choices, trading tools and technical support vital for all client types. The diverse list of technology options allow each client to find a one-stop shop solution for their trading needs.

This firm offers packaged trading programs to use for educational and guidance purposes. The programs help establish as well as enhance specific trading knowledge. In addition, various trade alert systems are offered and are in place to notify clients on a subscription basis.


The database of client leads that has been developed by this firm is unmatched for firms of this size and even as compared to larger firms. The data contained in their system is solid and key to the success and growth of the company. The leads have been developed using a very efficient and very cost effective marketing strategy unique to this particular group. The database content and the marketing strategy that drives new business are essential to this business model.


The capabilities and attributes of this trading group have created an environment conducive to continued growth from a revenue standpoint as well as an employee standpoint. The firm is currently experiencing consistent growth month over month and year over year since the owner/seller implemented a variety of business enhancing components over the last year that have further built on prior enhancements in prior years. Annual gross sales are projected to be approximately 1.8 million in 2017 based on an increase in key personnel, a-larger more efficient office space, proprietary business model enhancements, etc. Very unique and stable brokerage.


– Purchase Price: $1,500,000.00
– Annual Gross Sales for 2016 (approximate): $1,374,578.00
– Annual Gross Sales projection for 2017 (approximately) $1,800,000.00
– Annual Cash Flow (SDE) to owner for 2016 (approximately): $775,496.00
– Annualized Cash Flow projection for 2017 (approximately): $900,000.00
– Current Base Rent (approximately): $7,155.00 per month

*** In order to accommodate prospective buyers, phone conferences and in-person meetings with the seller are being scheduled once a confidentiality agreement is in place and a financial ability has been established.   

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Contact: Dennis Hansmann (President/Managing Broker/Owner) or 312-360-1955

Listing Details

Total Sales: $1,374,578

Cash Flow: $775,496


Monthly Rent: $7,155