Price: $1,200,000

Location: Chicago, IL

This is an unbelievable opportunity to buy a food product manufacturer/distributor that has been in business since 1973 and has had a USDA number for decades and now has product on shelves in multiple major retail chains including the largest retail chain in the nation. This company was in the right place at the right time and is poised for consistent and significant growth as a result of cultivating this new business relationship. What is now a small company will very likely be a massive company within a fairly short period of time as the legwork has already been done to set the ball fully in motion with this retail giant teaming up with the food manufacturing company offered here.

The purchase price in total is somewhat undefined as the seller is looking to create a win-win and would like a percentage of the net profits for a set period of time as one aspect of the acquisition structure. The purchase structure the seller is seeking is 1.2 to 1.5 million at closing and percentage of profits paid out over an agreed number of years. This creates a win-win for all involved and it also can be negotiated into various structures depending on the buyer’s interests and ability. The seller is very reasonable and looking to amplify the recent achievements in securing a massive national/international retailer. The seller is offering this through our firm (ABA) and we are presenting a first-look to interested parties as this evolves. We are presenting this opportunity in order to gauge interest in what will be a huge opportunity to operate a company that is in a growth phase and gain ownership at an opportune time.

Basic Preliminary Summary

This company is a food manufacturer of high-quality products in a specific segment of the market for over 45 years. While the company has operated well for decades, it only recently began to dramatically expand with penetration into a massive major national retail chain that has thousands of stores. This relationship was cultivated by the more recent owner of the last several years who is full speed ahead and in expansion mode and now has product placement authority into many additional retail store locations within recent months culminating with a key meeting taking place this November in order to set timelines in place for shipment etc. This evolving relationship is national exposure for this food manufacturing company and is in addition to other existing retail chain relationships already in place here in the greater Chicago metro area.

During the last 12-18 months, this company was initially approved for just seven SKU’s in certain store locations. The product line has great appeal and the retail chain wants the products based on their popularity as well as due to the fact that they are all natural, a branded name, and provided through local suppliers. The number of product SKU’s has now increased dramatically into the high teens as of mid-2017. The number of store locations will also steadily increase across the nation.

The product placement in terms of priority with regard to shelf space will begin to be fully recognized as of this meeting in November 2017 after the implementation of this chains roll-out protocol.

This company is selling at a time when the key national and international retail giant they work with is aligning with products like this food manufacturing company produces.

Products are currently being redesigned to a 12 oz from a 16 oz package and with a new even better price point.

Key upside for new owner

+ Profitable business with expanding distribution
+ Long history in business
+ Chicago area headquarters
+ Great Reputation for quality products
+ Increasing demand due to retail chain exposure
+ Huge national retail chain roll-out has begun
+ Training and support provided by seller
+ Much more…

*** Purchase Price: $1,200,000.00 to 1,500,000.00 initially at closing and then an agreed percentage of profits for an agreed number of years from the acquisition date.

This sale and the business location are confidential. In order to accommodate prospective buyers, the location details, as well as in-person meetings with the seller are being scheduled once a confidentiality agreement is in place and the financial ability of each buyer has been established. Initially, phone conferences with the seller will be extremely helpful in this case.

Please contact the ABA business broker indicated below for more details.

Contact: Dennis Hansmann (President/Managing Broker/Owner) or 312-360-1955