Price: $500,000

Location: Near Chicago Loop

  • 1st early childhood education center whose curriculum, environment, diet and social aspects will revolve around a “Green Philosophy”
  • Natural diet addresses current health issues of obesity, hyperactivity and over all learning
  • State approved curriculum enhanced with eco-friendly and socially responsible teachings
  • Green initiatives, applying for LEED certification for the build-out, improved air quality and environmentally friendly cleaning products will be mainstays for facilities
  • Partnerships with local universities will provide an ongoing source for the highest quality staff
  • Competitively priced 10-15% below current competitors
  • Annual Investment returns to equity investors expected returns of around 10% annually
  • a 501 ©3 vehicle, will provide scholarships to children of all levels of society regardless of race, religion or economic background
  • 60+ years of educational experience in the Sprouts management team

This center is the first of a string of early childhood learning centers whose curriculum, environment, and diet will, from the onset, revolve around a “green philosophy”.  Parents are investing in the social capital of their children, and when they move on from the center he/she will leave with self confidence and learned eco-friendly habits that will not only be used in the child’s future education, but for life as well.


At the core of each early childhood educational center will be a kitchen that will prepare daily, home-cooked meals made from scratch. The meals will be comprised of locally and sustainable grown food, providing the children with a healthy and nutritious diet.  Health and nutrition will be a mainstay of the culinary mission.  As part of the culinary curriculum, the children will participate in gardening projects, composting, and the recycling of some of the foods that they assist in cooking. These activities will help foster the connection between the foods they eat and their origin.  Foods will be prepared by our own Culinary Director, who will work with nutritionists and dietitians from some of Chicago’s most distinguished universities and hospitals.  Evening classes and take-home meals will be offered to help educate the parents or guardians of each child. This will help the parents model the healthy “green” lifestyle we wish the students to embrace in their home environments.


The center will apply for LEED certification and be built out using the latest in “green” technology that will include radiant heat, extra filtered air, recyclable materials, and environmentally friendly maintenance products.


Because there is a strong belief in educational circles that children who are fed daily a nutritious diet will feel better, learn better and interact better with their peers and family, the center will offer its environment as a “laboratory” with the results being followed by early childhood educators from local universities. The educators will apply for the many state federal grants that will make these studies, and their dissemination to other venues possible.


The center will be priced 10-15 % lower than local competitors.


Seeing a need to diversify the student body to include children from all levels of society, regardless of economic, social, or ethnic background, a 501 (c) 3, was created. The Foundation will provide a vehicle for Family Foundations, Corporations, or individuals to sponsor scholarships for needy children to attend any of the Academy locations.

In granting a scholarship, both the center and the Foundation, share the vision that reaching children at an early stage of life and instilling in them healthy dietary choices, and respect for both ones’ environment and fellow students, is of the utmost importance. This vision, accompanied with a support system for parents/caregivers to reinforce those themes, can make a significant difference in the educational future of these children. It is also strongly believed this vision will help prevent future health problems and assist in lowering behavioral problems, both in and out of the school environment.


An equity injection starting from as little as $100,000 will receive a 5% equity stake (or proportion thereof), for every $100,000 directly injected in the Academy. Because this is an LLC, its expected profits will be distributed to the partners, after a 50% holdback for future expansion. Profits will be paid on a yearly basis. The first operational year returns (after start up period) are anticipated to be 5-8%, with subsequent yearly returns projected to be around 10% (after 50% holdback).