Price: $510,000

Location: Chicago

Sale Price includes: The Entire Car Wash Business, an attached Rented Apartment, an attached Rented Storage Space & the Building/Property (Real Estate) housing it all.

Located in Chicago & just minutes from downtown.

This opportunity is priced way below market as it is priced at the market value of the real estate only. You are essentially getting a very profitable business for FREE.

This current Hand Car Wash business started in 1999 and has established a very loyal customer base. This car wash has the capacity to wash 11 vehicles at one time. The price for a car wash is also very-very reasonable and could be adjusted or add-on services could be charged for a variety of other services. Roof skylights provide natural daylight for the majority of business hours. While your vehicle is being washes, you can relax in the waiting area and play video games on one of a few video arcade machines. These video games are able to produce additional income for the owner and currently produce approximately $100 per month. These machines are leased and others can be added to them or in their place. You can also add more vending type machines for snacks to the waiting area and use that for yet another customer comfort as well as to help boost business revenue. While in the waiting area, you can just sit and relax with the imitation fireplace plugged in for your viewing/warmth pleasure or use the bathroom located in the same area.

In addition to the car wash, the building also houses a rented storage room and a rented 2-bedroom apartment. These two additional revenue streams provide and additional $12,000 per year in income for the seller/owner of the business/building.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $180,000

Cash Flow: $80,000

FFE: $20,000

Inventory: $1,500

Real Estate: $510,000


Employees: Seven employees - all currently working part-time, 4 work weekdays & 3 work weekends


Facilities Information:

Total Lots 50’ X 125’, brick/block construction