Price: $800,000

Location: Chicago

This concept was established for the business person who is always running from meeting to meeting and needs a place to meet associates, clients, or other people in their network, and to update them, make presentations and still stay connected to the World Wide Web.

This concept will have 4 semi secluded meeting booths that can hold up to 6 people comfortably on the main dining room floor, there will also be 3 small private meeting rooms that can handle up to 9 people, there will be a medium size meeting room that can hold up to 20 people, and finally we have our large meeting room that can handle up to 70 people or we can divide the room in half to accommodate 2 separate groups. All the meeting rooms will have flat panel monitors with easy hardwire hook ups to any laptop, free Wi Fi, and web conferencing capabilities.

This concept offers an area, like a McDonald’s Playland for kids to climb, an arcade and a secluded area to study.

This concept will also have an area for the retail consumer with several tables to have coffee, finger food and pizza. The café will also have several areas were parties of three to six can sit comfortably on six full size rolling office chairs’ with an oversize table between them to meet, eat and hold a meeting in a semi secluded setting. Last but not least, this concept will also include a full service print shop on the premises.

We are looking to have a high end fast food environment with a unique approach.

Our goal is to fill a niche that has been created by today’s economy. We will provide a place, where the work from home entrepreneur can go, meet and entertain their clients or network with others. We are a business family friendly environment, designed for the single or family business owners. A place where you can take your family or your kids, have a meeting, let them eat, play in the Playland or in the arcade area, while the parent has a meeting.

Summary of various components:

  1. The Cafe – We will serve finger food sandwiches and pizzas along with all the popular drinks and coffee and tea. The beverages will be self serve. There will also be a Playland for the children. There will also be a waterfall in the middle of the dining area.
  2. The Print Shop – The print shop will have 6 printers, 4 that will be self serve and 2 exclusively for staff production use and one printer for commercial plan printing.
  3. 100 mail boxes – This concept will act as a commercial mail receiving agency with 10 bulk slots and a mail drop off slot.
  4. The arcade – An area where kids can play the popular games.
  5. Meeting & Conference Rooms – Meeting room rentals and web conferencing.

We are looking for a total of an $800,000.00 investment from one or multiple investors to have on hand for the formal lending institutions LTV requirements, securing the lease, proper legal and accounting representation, logo design, site elevation renderings, and ad costs seeking a GM. For example; an individual investing $250,000.00 on a 24 month term can expect an 18% return with other options available.