Price: $1,385,000

Location: Chicago

Sales Includes: The entire business entity, all equipment & all fixtures.

This specialty medical equipment distributor has the ability to provide a range of products at a significantly lower price point than most distributors. This is only a 3 person operation and both primary employees are super multi-taskers. This owner has a very close relationship and even a shared space with the business that manufactures some of the products. The remaining production is sub contracted out to specialty manufacturers. This business could easily branch out into other markets and add employees etc… The business is being run semi-absentee and so just by being an owner/operator, you can improve cash flow even more. This business is 8 years old business, is run in an old fashioned manner, does not do a lot of advertising, has no website, no outside or inside sales, and just evolved organically.
This is a confidential sale. The seller will offer some seller financing as he is secure in doing so with the right buyer.

Market Trends and Growth Opportunities

The medical equipment industry is experiencing significant growth due to various factors. One key driver is the rising global healthcare expenditure, fueled by the increasing burden of chronic diseases, aging populations, and advancements in medical research. As healthcare spending continues to rise, the demand for medical equipment is expected to follow suit, providing ample growth opportunities for industry players.

Key Segments of the Medical Equipment Industry

The medical equipment industry can be broadly categorized into two key segments: diagnostic equipment and therapeutic equipment. Diagnostic equipment, such as imaging systems, laboratory analyzers, and genetic testing devices, play a crucial role in disease detection and treatment planning. These sophisticated tools empower healthcare professionals with valuable insights into patients’ conditions, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their care.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $1,979,699

Cash Flow: $542,644

FFE: $25,000

Inventory: $35,000


Square Footage: Approx. 6,000 Sq. Ft.



Seller is happy to discuss some financing with a very qualified buyer.