Price: $295,000

Location: Chicago, IL

This is a great business location with high foot, vehicle, and even mass transportation traffic. This business is visually front and center for thousands of residents and local business people as well as commuters passing through this area on a constant basis throughout each day. The location is considered the heart of this historic suburb known for its unique retail offerings and its residents that prefer independent businesses as opposed to big box stores.

Having established itself as the high quality healthy option for busy families and discerning event planners, this business has the added benefit of a large catering clientele that grows larger each year. The business has been operating continuously for many years and has evolved into a unique model that has multiple revenue streams for great diversification.

In addition to the business entity, this sale also includes all furniture, all fixtures, and all equipment that are a part of the business assets along with all owner cash flow.

Key upside for new owner

Very profitable business with expanding customer base

+ Long history in business
+ Great Location
+ Great Reputation
+ Consistently growing gross sales trend
+ Consistently growing profitability trend
+ Solid carry out customer base
+ Solid catering customer base
+ Expanding demand in neighboring Counties
+ Expanding demand in the City of Chicago
+ Plenty of parking for retail walk-in customers
+ High traffic with multiple types of traffic
+ Training and support provided by seller
+ Much more…


  • Purchase Price: $295,000.00 + inventory
  • Annual Gross Sales (approximately): $894,555.00 (3 yr avg)
  • Annual Cash Flow to Owner/SDE (approximately): $159,124.00 (3 yr avg)
  • (Owner cash flow depends if owner is active or absentee and how business is operated etc.)

This sale and the business location are confidential. In order to accommodate prospective buyers, the location details as well as in-person meetings with the seller are being scheduled once a confidentiality agreement is in place and the financial ability of each buyer has been established.

Please contact Dennis for more details at the email and phone number listed below.

Contact: Dennis Hansmann (President/Managing Broker/Owner) or 312-360-1955

Listing Details

Total Sales: $894,555

Cash Flow: $159,124