Price: $995,000

Location: Chicago

Sale Includes: The Entire Business Entity (Cash Flow, Contacts, Equipment, Fixtures, etc…)

This medical services business has experienced an average combined growth of approximately 36% in just the last two years. Right now, even at this time in our economy, this health related business is on an upward trajectory with cash flow trending toward $200,000 for just the 1st seven months of 2011. This cash flow figure would potentially be even higher with an owner operator managing the businesses day-to-day operations “hands-on”, thereby reducing labor costs. Need I say more?

This is the best operating small business that I have had the pleasure of representing in recent years. This business has the best business model that is not just poised for growth but is in-fact moving toward being a medium sized medical business fairly quickly. This business is positioned to take advantage of a pivotal time in our countries history and more so than any other I have reviewed in recent years. There are multiple dynamics at play here and all working in synergy with one another to create explosive growth beyond the already impressive growth achieved. This is a phenomenal business that is experiencing growth year over year at a time when other businesses in general have been losing market share.

There is no better time to be getting involved in an exploding medical related business that caters to an aging population and with a population number larger than ever seen at any one time before during our countries history. This is one of the fastest growing small businesses in the medical related industry here in the State of Illinois and potentially across the nation. The time is now to enter this market and with this very successful business. This model provides unique opportunities to the health care industry by providing allied professional solutions in a number of health modalities.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $1,172,798

Cash Flow: $279,000

FFE: $15,000

Inventory: $3,000


Facilities Information:

The current office operates in a very well appointed 800 square feet space with all appropriate modern office equipment. This space is suitable for enhanced growth within the current space layout. The lease is for two more years with options thereafter.