Price: $695,000

Location: Chicago, South Side

Sale Includes: Business Entity, All Equipment and All Fixtures.

Purchase Price/Business only=$695,000* (plus inventory)

This is your chance to own a high volume liquor store that has very consistent sales and a long history in the neighborhood. They have a tobacco license which allows them to sell cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco. This liquor store is located at a very busy corner in Chicago. There is also a very busy bus stop adjacent to the parking lot making the store a very convenient stop for its many customers. The current owners purchased the business and property in 2005. The previous owner owned the store for 20 years. 20,000 cars drive by the front door of this liquor store every day. This store has consistently done approximately $2 million per year in sales for over 25 years.

One unique feature of this liquor store is the enormous 5,000 Sq.Ft. basement. The biggest complaint you get from most liquor store owners is regarding the lack of storage space for inventory. Most stores don’t even have a basement, let alone a 5,000 sq.ft. basement. This is a very important feature because when you buy larger quantities of products, you get better pricing and better deals, resulting in higher profit margins. Most liquor stores are very limited on space, so they can’t take advantage of the better deals. As a result, they pay higher prices for the products, have lower profit margins, and have trouble being competitive when it comes to pricing. That’s part of the reason why this particular store has been doing $2 million per year in sales for 25 years. Other stores just can’t compete.

Even though this store does tremendous volume, there’s still room for growth. Currently, they do not sell lottery tickets. Most liquor stores sell lottery tickets because it is such a big draw. This is an area of opportunity for a new owner. This liquor store also carries very few grocery items even though they have plenty of space to do it. This is another area of opportunity for a new owner. The current owners admit that they have made little effort to increase the gross sales. Another area of opportunity is the fact that they don’t have a link card machine to accept link cards. Link cards are issued by the state of Illinois for Illinois residents receiving public aid benefits such as food stamps and cash to purchase food and groceries. Many other stores in the area accept link cards. If a new owner were to accept link cards, sales would certainly go up.

Another nice feature of this store is that they have plenty of cooler space. They have a walk-in cooler with 15 doors and another set of coolers with 7 doors. They also have a 9-camera system that can be viewed online from any location (via the internet). You can even see what the cashier is ringing up on the register. There is also an ATM on premise that is owned by the business.

This is a very consistent liquor store in a great location with a long history in the neighborhood and yet still has plenty of potential to grow.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $2,000,572

Cash Flow: $362,084

Inventory: $275,000


Facilities Information:

4,000 sq ft store w/5,005 sq ft basement. Rent; Approx $6,000/month. Lease terms negotiable



Seller might consider with experienced and qualified buyer.