Price: $715,000

Location: Chicago

Sales Includes the entire business entity, all equipment & all fixtures.

This wholesale & retail distributor of industrial cleaning supplies began business over 45 years ago. A large segment of their business is providing supplies for industrial cleaning purposes as well as janitorial cleaning purposes. The wide range of products they distribute are commonly used to clean in and around various types of manufacturing equipment as well as on the floors, docks, trucks, etc… They also distribute internal cleaning products for equipment or machinery as well as some general cleaning products. Much of the business is generated from heavy industrial cleaning applications as well as more environmental applications. Some of these products are very versatile and can be used in more than one way.

Very little attention has been given to modernizing this business which is why it has the potential to generate revenue far beyond where they are at realizing. If this business implemented even one of a number of modern upgrades from an efficiency standpoint, it will have a significantly positive impact on its bottom line.
This a confidential sale and requires a CA/NDA to review the profile.

Business Opportunities in the Industrial Cleaning Supply Distribution

The industrial cleaning supply distribution sector offers various business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. By identifying niche markets and specialized cleaning needs, distributors can cater to specific industries that require customized solutions. For instance, healthcare facilities, food processing plants, or educational institutions may have unique cleaning requirements, providing opportunities for targeted product offerings and tailored services.

Overview of the Industrial Cleaning Supply Industry

Industrial cleaning supplies encompass a wide range of products and solutions designed to maintain cleanliness and sanitation in diverse settings. From commercial establishments to manufacturing facilities, the demand for effective cleaning solutions is ever-present. The industry is witnessing steady growth, propelled by factors such as stricter hygiene regulations, increased awareness of health and safety, and the focus on maintaining clean and sanitized environments.

The Role of an Industrial Cleaning Supply Distributor

An industrial cleaning supply distributor plays a pivotal role in the supply chain, connecting manufacturers and end-users. They act as a crucial link, ensuring that quality cleaning products reach the businesses and organizations that need them. Distributors are responsible for sourcing, stocking, and delivering a comprehensive range of cleaning supplies, including chemicals, equipment, tools, and accessories.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $1,641,880

Cash Flow: $246,282

FFE: $220,000

Inventory: $120,000


Square Footage: Approx. 9,800 Sq. Ft.



Seller is happy to discuss some financing with a very qualified buyer.