Price: $3,215,000

Location: Cook County Illinois

Industry: Manufacturing

Listing ID: 3J231

* Business sale pending *

Discover an exceptional opportunity to acquire a well-established plastic molding business, founded in 1991, in response to the growing demand for customized plastic molded parts in Illinois. Recognizing a gap in the market, the visionary owners embarked on extensive research to understand the industry, machines, and processes, enabling them to construct their own cutting-edge machinery. By leveraging their low investment and unwavering dedication, they achieved remarkable success, consistently delivering profitable returns year after year, with exponential growth.

The owners’ existing network of business connections played a pivotal role, providing invaluable introductions to clients seeking plastic molded parts. These connections have flourished over the years, expanding to include research professionals, engineers, and prominent hotel chains. Today, the company proudly serves a diverse customer base, boasting renowned names such as Goddard NASA, Facebook/Meta, Google, Amazon, Monsanto, and various esteemed research facilities worldwide. This impressive client roster highlights the company’s reputation for delivering exceptional products and prototypes.

Throughout its tenure, the business has prioritized reinvestment, channeling profits back into the company to fuel expansion and growth. This strategic approach has allowed for the addition of new structures, machinery, as well as software and technology enhancements, positioning the company as an industry leader. Notably, the business has differentiated itself both regionally and nationally by capitalizing on niche markets that larger forming companies often overlook. As a testament to its success, the company now ships products to numerous states across the U.S. and enjoys a strong international presence.

This turnkey business presents an ideal opportunity for existing fabrication business owners seeking to diversify their current business model. Alternatively, for aspiring entrepreneurs entering the field, this venture offers a remarkable foundation, complete with a highly proficient and skilled staff capable of propelling the company to new heights. The business’s outstanding track record, combined with its specialized focus and impressive client portfolio, makes it a compelling investment opportunity.

Seize the chance to take ownership of this thriving plastic molding business, poised for further growth and success. Contact us today to explore this extraordinary business acquisition.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $5,868,000

SDE: $477,000

Cash Flow: $477,000

FFE: $985,000 (Included in Price)

Inventory: $265,000

Real Estate: $1,190,000 (Included in Price)

Reason For Sale:


Training & Support:

As much as needed and as agreed during the purchase process.


Year Established: 1991

Year of Last Acquisition: 22

Days & Hours of Operation: 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Owner Hours Per Week: 40

Employees: 11

Managers: 1


Type of Location: Industrial Commercial

Square Footage: 16800

Facilities Information:

This listing encompasses an exceptional real estate opportunity with two commercial lots that house a diverse range of facilities to support the thriving business. This well-maintained property boasts a combined building space of approximately 16,800 square feet, providing ample room for offices, shops, bathrooms, an employee break room, a CNC shop, a warehouse with an office and kitchen, as well as a bathroom equipped with a shower.

Conveniently situated on the premises, a spacious parking lot accommodates visitors and employees, while another parking area is located across from the main office building. The property's strategic location offers excellent accessibility and visibility, enhancing its appeal for businesses seeking a prominent presence.

In addition to the impressive facilities, the business benefits from a substantial investment of $985,000 in cutting-edge machinery. This state-of-the-art equipment enables a wide range of operations, including designing and engineering, plastic vacuum forming, fabrication, and machining. The machinery empowers businesses to deliver high-quality products and services efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, the property encompasses three separate shop space areas, providing ample space for various business operations activities. These flexible spaces can be utilized to accommodate a diverse range of industries, creating a versatile environment that can cater to the evolving needs of different enterprises.



Discover a thriving plastic molding business with minimal competition, positioning it as a standout player in the market. Unlike larger companies focused on high-volume sales, this well-established venture has flourished through word-of-mouth recommendations and its distinct advantage of low overhead. It consistently outperforms local rivals, rarely losing bids in the region. The company’s competitive edge lies in its small, agile nature, supported by exceptional equipment, knowledgeable staff, and efficient operations. This lean approach ensures adaptability, innovation, and personalized service, resonating with a loyal customer base. With its optimal resource allocation and continuous investment in cutting-edge machinery, this business is poised for sustained success. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire a market-leading enterprise that combines a niche focus with a strong competitive advantage.


Potential Growth:

This exceptional business presents exciting growth prospects in multiple areas. First, by investing in equipment capable of forming larger size products, the company can tap into new markets and cater to diverse customer needs. Additionally, capitalizing on existing contracts with major universities to deliver a comprehensive range of products offers a lucrative opportunity for expansion. Expanding into adjacent markets further enhances revenue potential, while increasing sales volume and adding shifts as necessary can significantly boost capacity and overall profitability. Embrace these growth avenues and unlock the full potential of this thriving enterprise.