Price: $199,000

Location: Chicago Area

Includes: Business Entity, All Equipment & All Fixtures.

This furniture and art store is comprised of 2,500 square feet full of beautiful, authentic Asian furniture and art pieces. The furniture consists mostly of wooden items such as tables, cabinets, bureaus and chairs. Additionally you can find unique shelving units, bird cages, ornamental weapons and statues made of wood, metal and stone. There is a desk in the front for the owner and employees to do their work on. In the back there is a storage area and washroom.

The second store consists of mostly smaller Asian art pieces such as Buddha’s, statues and figurines made from wood, stone and bone. A fine array of Jewelry, bags, furniture, shoes and other unique and authentic Asian items delight local customers and hundreds of thousands of visitors as well as tourists that visit this store/ neighborhood of Chicago every year. The front of this store is equipped with a booth and a counter with register/credit card processing equipment. In the back of the store there is a separate room used for storage and it includes a restroom.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $385,657

Cash Flow: $142,900

FFE: $50,000

Inventory: $142,900


Monthly Rent: $3,500/month & $4,000/mo