Norridge, Illinois, is a scenic jewel on the shores of Lake Michigan. Norridge stands at the southern tip of the triangle formed by the northern shores of the lake, the northern shore of the island of Norridge, and the southern shore of the Illinois River.

Norridge is actually a very charming village in Cook County, Illinois. The average age of the residents is just over fifty, and more than half of the people are single. 

Settled by John Norridge and his wife Mary in 1849. They had two children, a boy named George and a girl called Ann, and they were given away by a man named Moses Norridge to his sister, Polly Norridge. The Norridge family moved to a homestead on the south shores of the lake from which they later developed Norridge.

In the last decade, Norridge has worked hard to become a very popular place to live. Many celebrities are said to have visited or stopped in on their way to or from Norridge. Norridge has invested a lot of money in various projects, such as a Norridge youth activities center, a Norridge History Museum, Norridge’s first post office, Norridge’s first fire station, Norridge’s board of education, Norridge’s parks and recreational areas, and Norridge’s sewer system. These improvements have made Norridge one of the most attractive places to live. Click here to read about Melrose Park, Illinois – How to Get Around.

After the Norridge village was developed, John Norridge began a sawmill on the Norridge farm. He also bought another farm in Norridge and kept it until his death in 1895. On his death, his estate was partitioned between two families: Norridge and Waverly. Waverly settled on the Norridge farm and built a beautiful brick home that overlooks Norridge Lake. In 1950, Waverly became one of the first trustees of the Norridge School District, which is now known as Norridge ISD.