Cicero, Illinois is an extremely beautiful city in Cook County, Illinois, and is the second-largest city in Illinois after Chicago. The city is strategically located between the Mississippi River and the Illinois River and has been home to some of the most prominent and influential people in Illinois history. Learn more here.


There are numerous historic sites in and around Cicero, including the beautiful John Hancock building, the beautiful old Town Hall, the beautiful lakefront and park district, and the beloved and historic St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. There are over one hundred churches in the city and the surrounding towns. In the early twentieth century, the Italian immigrants brought this small town with them, establishing a majority of their own businesses in the city of Cicero, Illinois. The first Italian restaurant was opened in this town in 1931. Since then, many fine restaurants have been established in the area and the Italian population has turned into a significant percentage of the population. Learn more about¬† Oak Park, Illinois – A Historical Village in Illinois.

The Hispanic population in Illinois is growing and many young people are moving to Chicagoland. With the influx of Hispanic people, the Hispanic population is also increasing in numbers throughout Illinois. The Hispanic population is about 20 percent of the total population in Illinois. If you want to learn more about Cicero, Illinois, browse the Internet for information on how to travel to the town or search for other sources of information on traveling to the area.