Maggie Daley Park in Chicago, Illinois, is located in the heart of the North Side. It is one of the first planned public parks in Chicago. Maggie Daley Park is actually a 20-mile long public park located in the Loop neighborhood of Chicago and operated by the Chicago Park District. It’s very close to the Chicago lakefront and is in close proximity to the popular Grant Park neighborhood. It’s also very close to the Chicago, Botanical Gardens, Shedd Aquarium, Rosehill Museum of Art, Chicago, Science Museum, and the William Fitzgerald Theatr,e all in the neighboring Oak Park neighborhood. Visit this link for more information.


There are three main components to this park, including an eight-mile-long walking/ biking trail, a pavilion that offers a variety of interactive exhibits, landscaping, interactive water play areas, picnic tables, benches, and more. The park has a connection with the famous Chicago River that runs through its course. The Chicago, Riverwalk is Chicago’s first covered pedestrian walkway. There are numerous events hosted here each year, such as concerts, movie nights, sports festivals, and family attractions. You can take a boat tour from the downtown lakefront if you’d like to explore the Chicago River from a different perspective. Read about Information About Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois here. 

If you’re planning on visiting Chicago, make Maggie Daley Park in Chicago a top priority in your list of places to visit because of all the wonderful information, nature, and entertainment you will be able to find here. If you’ve never visited the park before, don’t let it put you off because they have plenty of maps and directions guides for you to use right here on their website. All in all, Chicago is a fun and exciting place to live, especially when you’re surrounded by such fantastic natural resources and assets.