Lincolnwood, Illinois, is a rural village in Cook County, Illinois. An inner suburb of Chicago, Lincolnwood shares its eastern, western, and northern boundary with Chicago, bordering Skokie to the south and west. Lincolnwood boasts a picturesque landscape, which includes Lake Michigan, Oak Lawn, and Norridge to the north; Deibert College, Judson University, and Lincoln College to the south; and Rose Lawn and Washington Park to the east. It is bordered by Wisconsin, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, as well as portions of Indiana and New York. Learn information about Chicago, IL here.


Lincolnwood has a small town center, but it is conveniently located near the city of Chicago. There are many Lincolnwood homes and lofts to choose from and plenty of nearby attractions, including the Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Theater, and Ford Park. Lincolnwood is served by three public transport systems – the Lincoln Electric Railroad, the Lincoln Tunnel Busway, and the Lincoln County Transit System. You can also take a train into downtown Lincolnwood. However, driving is the preferred method to take the distance between the village and downtown. Lincolnwood village is conveniently located in the middle of Illinois. There is plenty to do in and around the area. Lincolnwood is very lucky to have access to so much and has made it a destination location. Lincolnwood shopping malls and restaurants can be found in all of the Lincolnwood villages, as well as in downtown Lincolnwood. It is a great place for families, singles, and visitors to get out and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Discover facts about All You Need to Know About Cicero, IL.

Lincolnwood has been making a name for itself in the real estate world. Many Lincolnwood homes are sought after by individuals and families who want to have a second home, even if it is only in the Illinois area. Lincolnwood homes are affordable and are close to several Lincolnwood, Illinois hotels. The village of Lincolnwood offers a wealth of cultural attractions, including Lincolnwood Music Theater, Lincolnwood Art Museum, Lincolnwood Film Museum, and Lincolnwood City Hall. And, since Lincolnwood is in Cook County, it is one of the very few suburban neighborhoods that have a conservatory or a garden that is not enclosed.