The Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, Illinois, is another famous landmark in the city. This outdoor feature of the park makes it a tourist favorite for a large number of people each day. Although you will not find any history in the fountain itself, it does have a rich tradition of its own. This was originally built as a lake alternative to the Chicago River. The original fountain is over 80 feet tall and still has flowing water from a reservoir. Learn information about Chicago, IL here.


Today, the fountain is run by a private investor. This person maintains the fountain’s appearance so that visitors to the park will always know what they are looking at. You can visit the park anytime during the year, but the majority of the time, the majority of the activities take place at night. It is possible to enter the fountain through any of the main entrances; the Lincoln Park Entrance and the Merchandise Building Entrance. The southern entrance is also an option, although many prefer to enter through the northern approach due to better visibility. Now, when you are in Chicago, you have a lot of options. Of course, one of those options includes being able to walk down the Riverwalk itself and experience the full beauty of the area. However, when you are looking for more information about Chicago, and the area in general, you may find that the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago is one of the best places to start your search. This is because the fountain is right on the water, and you can walk right by it on the Waterline. Discover facts about A Sculpture That Is Known Worldwide – Cloud Gate in Chicago, IL.

The fountain can certainly be considered to be one of the most impressive sites in the entire city of Chicago. If you are planning on visiting any other Chicago attraction, you should definitely consider visiting the fountain first. There is little doubt that it will create a truly memorable experience for you and your family, especially given that you will have the opportunity to learn about Chicago’s rich history while having a sight to behold. The fountain is a must-see, even if you do not want to learn about Chicago’s colorful past.