Navy Pier is an exquisite steel and concrete structure that was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1931 for a planned commercial and civic development in Chicago. The structure, which is often referred to as ‘The Tower,’ consists of a series of ninety-three distinctive arches and gazebos that provide an extension of the main State of the Art Center of the Navy Pier in Chicago. Nautical themes run throughout the various building features of the Park District waterfront commercial complex, including the steel gazebo at the eastern end and the steel arched promenade at the western end. The centerpiece of the Park District’s planned development is a monumental, glass-fronted public plaza. Designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the plaza, which is designed as a replacement for a lost public park, will serve as the nerve center of the Park District’s revitalized downtown area and will include a host of retail shops, restaurants, and offices. See more here.


The main attraction at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois, is a three-story observation tower that rises more than seventy feet into the air. The tower offers sweeping views of the lake and the nearby river. It is home to a gift shop, restaurant, and coffee shop and is regularly used by people in the area for shopping, dining, and work. Numerous events are held at the site, including a free show during the holiday season, concerts, and family concerts. If you are interested in taking in the view while you are in town, there is plenty of free parking available. See here for information about What You Should See and Do When Visiting the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois.

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