Cloud Gate in Chicago, Illinois, is an art installation, which consists of a seven-story steel and glass structure that serves as an observation tower atop an approximately landscaped retaining wall at the Midway mall in Chicago. The sculpture and the adjacent AT&T Plaza are situated on top of Park Restaurant, between the Chase Promenade at the downtown area and the Chicago, Riverwalk. A plateau at the foot of the Cloud Gate is landscaped with a grassy green space beneath and around the sculpture and AT&T Plaza. At ground level is a series of stairs that leads to the second floor of the Cloud Gate itself. Learn more here.


The artists who created this piece have chosen their individual styles in regards to the color scheme and materials of the sculpture. Anish Kapoor, the principal artist who made the sculpture uses red & blue materials on the exterior, whereas Manish Malhotra, the lead artist using orange and yellow, and Rajesh Gopalakrishnan using brown. This sculpture is one of only two Cloud Gate in Chicago, which have been produced by these artists. The other is by Anish Kapoor. Both artists are considered renowned in the world of modern art and sculpture. The main attractions of the Cloud Gate in Chicago, Illinois, are the sky-edge series of sculptures made from overlapping large sheets of slate, whilst the lower concave pool edge sculptures combine elements of Japanese Koi with a series of stylized Asian lanterns. The main attraction for those visiting the Cloud Gate in Chicago, Illinois, is the massive ‘Man Made’ island sculpture situated in the middle of the park. Further features include murals of ancient Chinese architecture, stone garden features, and a gently rusting path across the water. There are also several restaurants at Cloud Gate in Chicago, Illinois. The main dishes include ‘Cheng Pu Tu,’ ‘Bao Gui,’ and a special dinner menu of traditional Chinese foods. Learn more about Appreciate The Beauty of The Sea at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL.

Cloud Gate in Chicago, Illinois, was built by Rajesh Gopalakrishnan, who is also known as Raja Gopalakrishnan and is widely considered one of the most talented and famous contemporary artists of the modern era. It was constructed with a monumental scale, and it stands high on the bluff at the Midway Park area in Chicago. Other renowned sculptors who designed the exterior of the Cloud Gate in Chicago are Anish Kapoor and Manish Malhotra. This beautiful structure is located at the junction of several streets, and it is located just south of the Steel Bridge that crosses the Chicago River. The gate was officially dedicated on its inception on May Day in 1992 by the then governor of Illinois, Mr. George Ryan.