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When it comes time to sign on the dotted line while buying or selling a business in Chicago, you only have one opportunity to get it right. Many owners misvalue the worth of their business or don’t take the time to fully understand the process and preparation that goes into it. You may know a friend or even a relative who is able to help you navigate the waters, but it’s always to your benefit to seek professional help and advice. Here are some common mistakes.

Not Prioritizing Confidentiality & Financial Information

There are hundreds of Chicago businesses for sale, and at the top of the list are competitors wanting to gain access to valuable information, so keeping your confidentiality intact is detrimental to the successful sale of your business. Trying to endure the process on your own may make you susceptible to sharing your personal information with the wrong parties. Or in a worst case scenario, accidentally alerting employees, suppliers and customers that the business is up for sale. It’s critical these errors do not occur as to retain employees and not have the scoping out new job opportunities because the sale is taking place or to a rumor thereof, especially if it will not be affecting them. Should these occur, it could jeopardize the sale of the business and deface reputation. It’s equally as important to ensure you trust the parties that are assisting you in selling your business. If any of said parties lack experience, someone may accidentally omit preparing critical paper work or neglect to have financial records properly audited, which could negatively impact your numbers. This could lead to lower offers and less interest from prospective buyers.

Failing to Involve Key Parties

Owners have spent countless hours and tons of energy building their business into a thriving, salable entity. Successful business owners never cut corners on their way to this point, and it’s not time for them to start doing so now. In order to ensure that their sale goes smoothly and that they reap the benefits of their hard work, it’s essential to hire sell-side advisory services. Business Brokers in the Chicago area could likely tell you horror stories of the damage inexperience in the industry has done. Understanding the importance of bringing in key parties should again, not be overlooked by any means. When a business owner is guided by those who are not trusted professionals, there can be many miscommunications in involving key parties. While an error like this one might not necessarily kill the deal, it could lead to delays and complications.

The bottom line is that when it comes to a large transaction like selling your business, it is time to rely upon trustworthy professionals. There are countless protocols that go into ensuring a deal moves along and satisfies smoothly. Experienced business brokers and M&A advisors will make sure that all the best practices are followed and that you come out ahead in the end.

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