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Creating a Better Workplace Culture

There’s no question that employees are an integral part of operating a thriving business. Which is why keeping employees happy plays such a huge role in improving workplace culture, retention, and overall productivity. According to a study by the University of Warwick, happy employees are 12% more productive, which allows them to put forth better work quality and even increase their creativity. When your employees are feeling not only satisfied, but also valued, they will be more likely to keep your clients satisfied too. For each happy employee you have, the focus and engagement will continually increase, projecting onto your customer base. Of course, there is also an opposing side to this. If some of your team members feel frustrated and angry, their actions can drive away your customers and clients. If you are looking to sell or operate your business for maximum revenues, it is a good idea to also maximize employee satisfaction levels as well.

Employee Benefits & Retention

It goes without saying that employees will be more likely to feel satisfied when they feel that their salary and benefits are fair for the work they do. If they are resentful about the compensation they are receiving for their work, this will ultimately impact their performance. Employees who report higher levels of stress are more likely to be absent from work, take longer breaks during their shifts, or even quit their jobs altogether. Listening to employee concerns and consistently conducting one on one meetings to check in with them is extremely important in keeping the lines of communication open. This way your people will be more likely to come to you when they’re stressed or facing a problem. When you think about some of the most successful companies, you realize that many of them invest substantially in supporting their employees to cultivate higher levels of employee satisfaction. For example, Google is well-known for offering a wide range of perks from parental leave and paid time off to free lunches and fitness facilities. Putting forth this extra effort will really go a long way when it comes to retraining not only employees in general, but especially the most talented ones.

The Customer Experience and Company Longevity

Happy Employees = Happy Customers. Those who feel valued are more likely to exhibit happiness and deliver great customer service. When you exhibit good leadership and act as a positive role model, your employees will likely follow suit. When you know your team members are struggling, provide them with resources such as training in resiliency, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral techniques and don’t forget to recognize a job well done! Employees should be acknowledged and rewarded on a regular basis. In some cases this may be a financial bonus, but even sending them a personalized note or acknowledging their work within a team meeting will go a long way in cultivating a positive company culture while boosting morale. This will ultimately contribute to your company’s overall ongoing growth and development for the future.

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