Client Letters of Appreciation after the close on their Business Sale 

A Business Sale Success Story from Ann

To Whom it May Concern

Several years ago, although I was a busy physician in my 30s, I opened a Day Spa in my neighborhood as somewhat of a hobby. The Spa flourished for several years and grew dear to my heart. However, in my 40's, my medical practice grew busier than ever and I now had 2 children, one and two years old. The Spa simply became too much for me to run. I considered closing the doors at the end of my lease, however, then I met Dennis Hansmann of American Business Acquisitions. With only 6 months left on the lease, Dennis suggested I try to sell the business. The economy was terrible at the time so I had my doubts but within weeks Dennis began showing the Spa to several prospective buyers.

One buyer was particulary interested however wanted full inpections done by the Health, Fire, and City, and any deficiencies corrected before he would close any deal. There was no way I could possibly find the time to get all of this done myself. I reconsidered simply closing the doors at the end of the lease. However, Dennis assured me that he would personally get the inspections done and see to it that any deficiencies were taken care of. Within 2 weeks, everything was done, thanks to Dennis spending hours of his personal time at the Spa. The sale was completed the following week.

I feel great every time I drive by the Day Spa, knowing I started the business and that it will live on in good hands. Thanks so much to Dennis.


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